Nobody can say it any better than those who have been to us for their vehicle needs. Here are a few of their comments:

You made it possible to keep my car on the road by doing a beautiful job of putting it back together again. The work was beautifully done and I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs body or paint work.

Ken L

I expected and received your excellent work on the outside of my car. But I did not expect the care you took on the inside! I found it beautifully clean, windows and all. Thank you all so much.

Mary C

Just had to write a quick thank you for doing such an amazing job on my car. Living out of town and so far away could have been very stressful, but knowing my car was taken to Matt’s after my accident took all the stress away. My car looks and smells brand new-no one would even know how badly I had been hit. The fact that you detailed my entire car was such a terrific surprise. Even though I am not local anymore, I will let all my friends and family in the Hudson Valley know if ever needed, Matt’s Auto Body is the only place to go!

Gail D